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Azra Kemal Properties and Investments specialises in finding the right property and investments. Our expert team guides you through the real estate acquisition process by offering the most suitable and profitable investment options for you. One of the most important factors when investing in real estate is to get a solid and steady income stream. Our models focus on identifying potential capital growth and high rent yields, enabling you to make the most of the rental income of the properties you invest in. With our various real estate options in different parts of the country, we offer portfolios to suit different budgets and preferences.


At Azra Kemal Properties and Investments, our team of experts provides clients with expert guidance on real estate investments to help investors identify the best investment options that fit their goals and budget. We understand that every individual has distinct needs and are committed to providing tailored services that address the specific challenges of our clients

Property Consultation

Our service offers expert guidance for buying, selling, or renting properties. With market insights and tailored advice, we help you make informed decisions for your real estate investments.

Sourcing the Desired Property

Our team excels in locating and securing the ideal property that aligns with your unique requirements and aspirations, ensuring a seamless and personalized property hunting experience.

Property Management

Comprehensive care for your real estate, handling maintenance, tenant relations, and financial oversight to maximize your property's value and efficiency.

Project Management

Expert coordination and oversight for your construction or renovation projects, ensuring timely completion, budget adherence, and quality results.

Providing Solutions

Tailored strategies and innovative approaches to address your specific challenges, ensuring effective and efficient resolution.

About Us

Azra Kemal Properties and Investments was founded in 2023. It is dedicated to Azra Kemal and her ambition to succeed in property.As a newly formed company we are dedicated to providing positive progress and solutions for our clients. Meeting demands and delivering results are what we pride ourselves on.Finding great investment opportunities is all about having the right contacts and having up-to-date information about what’s on offer. Having a great team behind us, we are confident that we will not only meet but exceed your needs and expectations.

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